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Important Considerations When Buying A Sign For Your Store

A custom sign is a big investment for your store, but it's vital for marketing and location finding. Signs are available in a wide range of prices based on what they are made of, so you can find one that matches your budget. However, since a sign is a marketing tool, you want it to be effective at drawing customers to your store. Here are some considerations when choosing the right sign.

The Distance From Traffic

The size of the sign is important when it needs to be seen from a distance. If your store is on a busy street, then a smaller sign is easy to see, but if you're trying to attract customers from a highway in the distance, then a larger, pole-mounted sign may be a better investment. When you're choosing the right sign, let the manufacturer know how far your shop is from the main road and how many competing signs are next to your store. This can help you choose the right size and type of sign while keeping in compliance with local regulations.

Illumination At Night

A sign that lights at night is necessary when your store is open after dark. In that case, the sign acts as a location marker. You may want a sign even if your store closes early just to use as an advertisement to create awareness. Illuminated signs can be attractive when the colors and design complement your building and the surrounding environment. The dramatic effect can draw attention from people who would otherwise pass by your store and not notice it.

The Cost Of Installation And Upkeep

Buying a sign based on low cost is usually not the best idea. Quality is important when it comes to outdoor signs because you want something that will survive the weather conditions and not need frequent repairs. Talk to the manufacturer about the different materials available, expected lifespan, and anticipated maintenance needs so you can estimate the true cost of each type of sign over a span of years.

The Design

The design of your sign is important, even if you choose a simple option. Things like the shape of the letters and their color can have a big impact on how people react to the sign. The sign manufacturer may have a design team in house or you may need to hire your own sign designer. Either way, you'll want professional help creating your sign so it gets the intended results and you get a good return on your investment.

In addition, before you plan for your new sign, learn about local laws and regulations that apply concerning number of signs, placement, and size. Knowing the limitations imposed by your local jurisdiction helps you narrow down your choices when selecting the perfect sign for your building. Contact a company, like Cardinal Sign Corporation, for more help.