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Need a Storage Unit but Worried about Safety? Preview and Consider These Things Before Picking a Facility

If you have a lot of items that need to be stored outside of your home or workplace but you worry about the risk of a storage unit getting broken into, there are some things that you will have to consider. There are many storage units that you can trust and that have security and video surveillance options that you can benefit from. Talk with the professionals at the storage units that interest you about the following things, and do your homework so you know which facility will be best for you.

Be Extra Safe

Look at the type of lock that the storage business uses on the doors. If only a padlock or your own chain lock will be used, this may not be a facility that is safe enough for you. Instead, you may want to choose a facility that has cylinder locks, keypads, and automatic locks, or other locking options that are more reliable and secure for your belongings.

Look at Rental Screening Procedures

What type of screening process do you have to go through to get approved for a unit? If you have to do a credit check and background check, this shows that the storage unit rental company is particular about whom they allow to use the units. Find out what their procedure is, so you know what type of people will be renting around you.

Pay for Enclosed Units

Some self storage facilities will have enclosed units that are more protected and temperature controlled. You have to pay more money for these enclosed storage units, but if you are worried about the security of the items, then this is worth the extra cost that you pay. Look at the costs for the extra protection and other benefits that are associated with enclosed storage rental.

The cost of the storage unit should also impact where you go. If you do not want to pay for the temperature controlled units, then you will want to shop around to find out where you can get the lowest price on the storage unit you need. Make sure that you put all of your items in airtight containers to also protect them from moisture and dust while they are in the unit. If you have to store a large amount of stuff but you worry about security, tour each potential facility to approve them for your needs in advance.