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A Few Soundproofing Ideas For Your Home Theater

A new home theater provides family fun and entertainment for guests, but it's a complex process to install. Setting up the system itself can be tricky, and one thing you don't want to overlook is soundproofing the walls. A good entertainment system will send sound and shock waves throughout your house. The noise could bother sleeping kids or even your neighbors. Effective soundproofing requires the help of a professional because several considerations must be made and an understanding of how sound travels through a home is necessary. Here are some possible soundproofing methods that may be suggested.

Hang Acoustic Drywall

Adding another layer of drywall provides an additional sound barrier to the room. If you're going to hang new drywall, then choose drywall that's made for the purpose of soundproofing. It's thicker than traditional drywall and it's made to muffle sound rather than transmit it. Drywall can be further enhanced by adding insulation. However, adding insulation alone, such as blowing in insulation behind existing drywall, may not be effective enough to control sound from a home theater.

Eliminate Leaks

Deep bass sounds reverberate through the structure of your home and require more complex treatments than simply blocking sound, which is an easier process. Sound can escape through gaps around the door or windows in the room. Be sure to seal them with weatherstripping so the room is sealed tight to hold in sound and block sound from the outside. You may want to pad the door or upgrade the windows to get the best effect. Also, think about lighting. Ceiling lights can be a source of leaking that keeps your room from being as soundproof as it could be.

Build Double Walls

Soundproofing a new home as it's built is easy because the walls can be soundproofed as they go up. Older homes may need quite a bit of work because old homes weren't built with sound control in mind. One thing a soundproofing service might recommend is to build double walls around the theater room or at least the wall behind the sound system. A double wall reduces the amount of sound that can transmit through your home. It does this through a process called decoupling that occurs when a new wall creates a gap between the studs and drywall that stops sound waves.

Apply Soundproofing Mats

Soundproofing vinyl mats can be placed on the floor, ceiling, and walls. These are made of heavy fabric that doesn't transmit sound waves easily. These can prevent sound from traveling through the walls, floor, or ceiling to points throughout your house. Your service professional may recommend applying this layer of vinyl to the double-frame wall you have built. Another possibility is to remove your old drywall and add the vinyl before hanging new drywall.

The soundproofing service you work with considers the condition of your home and the many variables in your home theater to determine the best way to soundproof the room. There are several options from inexpensive methods that get fair results to expensive rebuilds for maximum soundproofing. You'll be able to choose a method that achieves your goals and that fits your budget. Contact a company, like J and M Interior Specialties, for more help.