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EVV Systems: Benefits Beyond Medicaid

Over the years, Medicaid has made changes to their payment system in an effort to minimize cases of fraud. One of these changes is the implementation of the electronic visit verification, or EVV, system. If you want to continue to receive Medicaid payments for your company's home health aide services, you must submit to this update. However, did you realize that these systems can help your business in other instances? Learn how an EVV system can benefit your company. 

Better Time Management

An EVV system can improve time management among your employees. One unique feature that this system provides is GPS tracking. With the ability to track the whereabouts of your team members, you are able to better keep track of how they move through their day, in terms of seeing clients. When employees know their actions are being monitored, they are more apt to do everything they can to stay on schedule. 

Improved Client Services

While the EVV system is primarily used for Medicaid, you can also use the service for other clients. For example, as a marketing tool, you can inform clients that you offer the verification system. So, if someone was uneasy about having someone come in to help a loved one, for instance, the fact that they can monitor the activity of the individual may give them greater peace of mind. 

Easier Record-Keeping

Using one of these systems can also significantly improve your record-keeping efforts. For instance, you no longer need your home health aides to log their visits. You can instead use the GPS tracking information from the EVV system. In addition to getting the log information faster, you will have complete confidence that the information is accurate. In addition to your records, in the event your company is audited, this information will be especially helpful. 

Faster Payments

You can look forward to faster payments with the EVV system. As previously mentioned, you traditionally had to wait on your aides to log their information. Only after they recorded their visits could you submit an invoice. However, since an EVV system offers the ability to log a client visit in near real time, you can also submit invoices much faster. The faster you can prepare and send the invoice, the quicker you can receive payments. 

If your company has not yet upgraded to an EVV system, now is the time to do so. Contact a company like ClockInClockOut Inc who can assist you with the installation of this critical, and beneficial, system for your company.