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Benefits Of Applying An Epoxy Floor Coating To Your Auto Shop's Concrete Garage Floor

Since your auto shop's concrete floor takes a beating during the regular workday, you may be considering having an epoxy coating applied to the surface. If you are still on the fence about whether or not to go ahead with the application, consider the following benefits of applying an epoxy floor coating to your auto shop's concrete garage floor.

Decreases Damage Caused by Impact

Even if you are careful while working with tools or auto parts on the concrete floor, it is inevitable that you will lose your grip and drop one on the floor. Because tools and many parts are made from heavy metals, the impact can cause cracks and chips in your floor.

However, since epoxy provides a strong, durable coating, it can withstand the impact of falling tools and small parts. It protects the concrete from falling objects, helping to keep the surface intact.

Fills in Existing Cracks

If you have been working on vehicles without a coating, you may already have many cracks in your garage floor's surface. Even if you have tried to patch these cracks to keep them from getting bigger and extending the damage, you may have found that the patches themselves deteriorate quickly because of dropped tools and the weight of the vehicles.

However, when an epoxy coating is first applied, its liquid form before it sets up oozes into any cracks and chips in the floor. Once the epoxy filling sets up, it binds to the surface coating and creates a strong filler in the cracks that does not easily break apart.

Protects Your Floor from Automotive Fluids

Another part of your work on vehicles is spillage from automotive fluid spills. Even if you are quick to cover fluids with sawdust to soak them up and then wash them away with a hose, such fluids as oil, transmission and brake fluids, and even gas will eat away at your concrete floor fairly quickly. This can leave you with a rough surface that is prone to stress fractures and large chips.

However, epoxy is highly resistant to automotive fluids, forming a protective barrier between them and your concrete floor. If a spill does occur, you have a little extra time to clean it up without having to worry about it eating away at your floor.

After considering the benefits of an epoxy floor coating, you may be ready to find out more about having one applied to your garage's floor. If so, contact a business that offers concrete garage coatings, like Whitcrete Design, for more information and to discuss your options.