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Short-Handed For Your Construction Project? How To Locate Day Laborers

If you're in the construction business, you never know when you're going to run short on help. Sick days, larger than expected jobs, or a sudden influx of projects can leave you short-handed. When that happens, you need access to additional crew members quickly. That's where day laborers come in handy. Day laborers are available to short-term or long-term projects and will provide you with the help you need at the last minute. Here are four tips that will help you locate day laborers for your construction projects.

Locate Day Laborer Pickup Spots

If your city is like most, there are day laborer pickup spots throughout the community. Pickup spots are where day laborers traditionally gather to wait for work. Using a day laborer pickup location will allow you to hire as many workers as you need for that specific project. One potential pickup location is in front of any home improvement center. You can usually find day laborers gathered on the corner waiting for employment opportunities.

Utilize Online Search Platforms

If your community does not have pickup locations for day laborers, it's time to get involved with online search platforms. Local online classified ads provide easy access to day laborers. One of the benefits of utilizing online search platforms is that you can identify your specific needs and choose the workers who have the experience you're looking for. These sites also allow you to negotiate payment prior to hiring your day laborers.

Encourage Employee Referrals

When it comes to hiring day laborers for your construction projects, your employees may be able to provide you with the best leads. To get the help you need for your construction projects, encourage employee referrals. Many of your current employees will have friends or former coworkers who have worked in general labor jobs and would be willing to work on a part-time, as-needed basis.

Contact Your Local Governmental Offices

When you need additional hands for your construction projects and you need them quickly, contact your local unemployment or welfare offices. They'll have a list available of people with construction experience who are looking for immediate work opportunities. You can also contact your local community college and talk to the construction department. They'll have access to students who are eager to obtain much-needed hands-on experience in the construction industry.

When you're in the construction business, you can't afford to be left short-handed. Use the tips provided here to find the day laborers you need for your projects.