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Scratch Offs For A Promotional Sale: Tips To Get Started

Promotional sales keep customers engaged and help you attract new potential customers into your business. However, for these programs to be effective, they have to be interesting. Custom scratch offs are a great way to go about accomplishing this goal. With a custom designed ticket, you can create an exciting and unique way to promote your company and the event. Here are some tips that can help you get the most from your custom scratch-off tickets.

Start the Process Early

Don't wait until the last minute to send off your custom design ticket order. For standard designs, the company can probably have the scratch-off sent to you rather quickly. For a custom design; however, a little more time is needed. Additionally, the scratch-off design company will likely send you a proof that you'll need to approve before they can begin the printing process. 

If you start the process early, in the event you want to make any changes to the design, you have more leeway, and you don't have to worry about missing your deadline. Once you've decided on a date for the promotion, go ahead and start your order.


Make sure you include branding in the custom scratch off design. When you design the tickets, sure, one goal is to show your customers some appreciation and to get them excited about the promotion. However, more importantly, the goal is to promote your business. 

The only way you can do that in this instance is to brand the design of the scratch-off so that it includes your company name. You should also design the ticket in the same color schemes as your businesses and include your address and website information. Don't just think about your current customers seeding the scratch-offs, think about potential customers as well. 

Plan Your Winnings

Know how many winners you want before you place your order by determining how many winners you can actually accommodate. The design company will need this information before they can begin to prepare your order. 

For example, assume you wanted a total of 500 tickets prepared, but you could only accommodate 75 winners. In this instance, you'd need to order 425 non-winner cards and 75 winner cards. If you will use a tiered system, such as top level and second level prizes, don't forget to factor these cards into the occasion as well. 

Custom scratch-offs can be designed in any style you need. Contact a design professional for assistance and to get started on your project.