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Four Things That Require Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage units are a particular type of storage unit that are exactly what their name would suggest. They offer renters the ability to moderate the temperature and humidity levels within their particular unit, which makes them ideal for storing items that are relatively fragile and susceptible to environmental damage. Understanding some of the most common items that can take up a significant amount of space within your home that need a climate-controlled storage unit can help you determine if renting one is the right choice for you.


Wine requires a climate-controlled environment because temperature fluctuations can ruin the flavor. It's especially important when storing your wine collection that you consider a storage facility that offers humidity control as well, since low levels of humidity in the air can cause your corks to dry out and allow air into the bottle, whereas high levels can encourage mold and mildew growth in the corks. In either case, improper humidity levels can quickly lead to damaged or ruined bottles of wine.


Books, much like wine corks, are extremely susceptible to mold and mildew damage if they are exposed to environments that are too humid for long periods of time. Further, hot and cold temperatures (as well as constant fluctuations between the two) can lead to damage to the glue that binds the books' pages together, ruining their structural integrity.

Leather Goods

Any sort of leather clothing and furniture is another type of belonging that will necessitate a climate-controlled storage unit. Leather can easily dry out and crack in cold and dry climates, but can also swell, rot, and become relatively misshapen if exposed to more humid environments. Ensuring a consistent temperature with a moderate level of humidity can maintain your leather goods; however, be sure to always cover them with a protective layer, such as a moving blanket for furniture or a garment bag for clothing.


Physical photographs, just like books, are a type of paper good that can be easily damaged if left in an area of high humidity for a long period of time. However, photographs are also susceptible to damage if they are exposed to hot and cold temperatures, since that can damage the ink that is used to print them, altering colors and obscuring the image itself. It should also be noted that photo albums are necessary in addition to climate-controlled storage units; even within a reasonable temperature and humidity range, photos can curl up and become stuck together if stored loosely in a box.

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