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Is Your Senior Parent Ready To Get Their First Tattoo? 3 Tips To Make Sure It's An Amazing Experience

When your parent was growing up, body art often came with a stigma. In fact, even older adults who liked the look of tattoos may have had to put off getting one for the sake of their career. Now, however, times have certainly changed, and a well-designed and carefully placed tattoo enhances the aesthetics of a person's appearance. Whether your parent got inspired by your recent body art or is ready to check a lifelong dream off of their bucket list, you can use these tips to make sure that they enjoy the experience and love their new tattoo.

Choose the Right Design

By the time a person reaches their senior years, they know what they like. Your parent also deserves to know that their tattoo is completely unique. Start by talking to your loved one about the type of design they prefer. Then, work with a custom tattoo shop to create a personalized image that fits your parent's preferences. Keep in mind that senior skin can sometimes require special care when choosing a design due to differences in its texture. Typically, simple and bold designs work best. When in doubt, take the recommendations of the artist providing your parent with custom tattoo shop services since they have seen how designs work on elderly skin first hand.

Work With an Experienced Artist

A tattoo is only as good as the artist who creates it. For seniors, it is especially important to work with someone who is not only experienced in working with older adults but who also takes pride in doing high-quality work. As you look for an artist to perform your loved one's custom tattoo services, ask questions about their experience. You can also ask to see portfolios of the artist's work to make sure that it is aligned with your parent's vision.

Make Sure to Practice Proper Follow-Up Care

Once your loved one receives their tattoo, they must take caution to prevent skin infections and fading that can mar the appearance of their tattoo. Before you leave the custom tattoo parlor, make sure that your loved one understands how to perform proper follow-up care. For instance, they may need to leave the wrapping on for a specific amount of time, and your loved one's artist may recommend special cleansers and moisturizers to promote better healing. If necessary, make sure that your loved one has help performing these procedures if they cannot reach the location of the tattoo on their own.

The senior years are a time when many older adults can blossom since they no longer have to adhere to outdated expectations when they are enjoying retirement. With these tips in mind, go ahead and get started helping your loved one procure body art that makes them smile.