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Tips For Renting A Restroom Trailer For Your Festival

If you're planning an outdoor festival that hundreds of people will attend, don't forget about providing restroom facilities. The easiest solution is to rent restroom trailers that have multiple stalls that reduce long lines. Here are some tips for renting restrooms for your festival event.

Estimate The Size Of The Crowd

The first thing you'll want to know is the number of people you expect at the event. The company that rents restroom trailers can then help you calculate the right number of toilets you'll need. Restroom trailers can accommodate a few people at once, and renting a few small trailers might be the solution rather than renting a single large one, so the lines are broken up.

Decide Where To Place The Restrooms

There are some considerations when it comes to placement of the restroom trailers. Most importantly, the area you choose has to be easy to access so the trailer can be dropped off, and then picked back up, with no obstructions in the way. The area should also be level and suitable for parking a trailer. Next, decide if you want a central restroom area on one end of the property, or if you want restrooms on two sides for easy access. The decision may rest on how large the festival area is, and how many people you expect. If you're renting multiple trailers, then spacing them out might be more convenient for the attendees.

Choose The Features You Want

Some restroom trailers are surprisingly luxurious. They are suitable for formal events. These cost more to rent, so choose a type of trailer that matches the occasion. If your event will be upscale, the attendees may expect quality restroom facilities. More economical trailers would be a good match for an outdoor family festival or casual concert. At the least, you want individual stalls for privacy, changing areas for infants, running water, hand soap, odor control, and ventilation. You might opt for climate control in the summer, but that might cause people to linger in the trailer to cool off. A good ventilation system that circulates air and controls odors may be all you need. If the trailers will be in a field that's away from utilities, then you'll want one that has solar or battery-powered fans and lights, as well as water tanks.

Know The Services Included

You want the trailers to stay clean, fresh, and well-stocked. Know what services the company will provide. If your event lasts a single day or night, there may not be a need to empty the toilets and restock the trailers. If you're hosting a multi-day event, then services will probably be necessary so there will be plenty of toilet paper, soap, and water.

You have many things to organize when you host a festival, and you don't want to fret over the restroom situation. Include the trailer rental company in your discussions early so you can plan on the right number of toilets to rent and where you'll place them. For more information, contact a company such as AMS Global Inc. today.