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Keep Your Heavy-Duty Truck On The Road And Out Of The Repair Shop

Every single vehicle on the road requires regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs, but this is even truer when it comes to heavy-duty vehicles. Heavy-duty trucks and big rigs have quite a few more things to worry about while you are out on the road besides just an oil change. If you want to keep your heavy-duty vehicle running smoothly and efficiently for many years to come, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Stay Safe With Proper Suspension

Your vehicle's suspension is something that should be closely watched. If you begin to notice any wear and tear on just one side of the vehicle, this means your suspension system is likely off-kilt. A heavy-duty truck needs proper suspension and air pressure on each side in order for the driver to be able to maneuver the vehicle effectively. Heavy-duty trucks are at a higher risk of having the suspension thrown out of whack by running over something on the road so be sure to inspect your suspension before every single drive.

Tire Air Pressure Is Critical

Heavy-duty trucks usually have special tires that are far more durable than your average tire on a normal vehicle. That said, the extra weight of a heavy-duty truck can cause extra wear and tear on your tires if you don't keep them in solid shape. A heavy-duty truck owner should be visually inspecting each tire and checking the air pressure if possible every time you pull in to refuel Other key areas to keep tabs on when it comes to your vehicle's pressure system include the power fuse, battery switch, and shut-off valve, if applicable.

Come to a Halt

It should go without saying that the brake system is also especially important for a heavy-duty vehicle. All of that extra weight can be incredibly dangerous out on the road if the braking system is not working properly. A heavy-duty truck driver should visually inspect the brake drums and pads once a month or sooner with frequent use. Getting your brakes adjusted by a professional on a regular basis will ensure maximum safety out on the road.

If you want to stay safe in your heavy-duty truck while out on the road, you need to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. For best results, reach out to a heavy-duty truck repair service like BLACK DOG OIL FIELD SERVICES LTD today to schedule your first appointment.