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Jet Pump Or Submersible Pump: Which Is Better For Your Home?

If you are having a well built on your property, one of the decisions you'll need to make is which type of pump to include in your setup. There are two main varieties of well pump commonly used on residential properties: jet pumps and submersible pumps. Some homeowners are better off with jet pumps, whereas others benefit more from submersible pumps. Which option is better for you? Here are a few things to consider.

How far from your home will the well be?

In most cases, contractors prefer to build a well closer to the home, as this reduces the number of pipes needed for the project. However, there may be some situations in which the well needs to be placed further from the home -- this may happen if the soil near your home is not stable enough to build a well or if the water table is higher in a far-away spot. Jet pumps tend to be better for wells that are located further from your home. Submersible pumps are not quite as powerful, so they are best reserved for wells close to the home. You could use a jet pump in such close wells, but they use more energy, so they're not really worth it unless you have another good reason to choose a jet pump.

How deep is the well?

If your well is an average depth, either type of pump should work fine. Most homeowners will choose a cheaper submersible pump in such a scenario. But if your well is really deep, you may need a jet pump for a little extra oomph. Such a pump will prevent you from having low water pressure when your deep well's water level falls.

Is your well located on a hill?

Another scenario in which you may need to use a jet pump is your well being located downhill from your home. A jet pump will have more power to move the water uphill; a submersible pump may struggle to get the water to your home or may need to use a lot of energy to do so. 

Consider the factors above, and also talk to your well construction company for more advice on choosing a residential water well pump. Once you decide between jet and submersible pumps, you will need to choose a pump with the proper size and power for your well. This will largely depend on your well's construction and size.