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Types of Therapeutic Uses For 1000Mg Full Spectrum CBD Extract

Cannabis oil continues to grow in popularity among people with chronic health conditions. They find that using 1000mg CBD oil sometimes spares them from having to use expensive prescription and over-the-counter medications. They also may visit their primary care doctors or specialists less often to manage their symptoms. Here's a look at some way people can use 1000mg full-spectrum CBD extract.

1. Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Millions of people today suffer from anxiety and daily panic attacks. Their symptoms prevent many of them from leaving their homes and carrying out a normal daily routine. They often are afraid to go into stores, use public transportation, or even walk to and from the mailbox in their own yards.

Doctors traditionally have treated anxiety and panic disorder with strong medications like Buspirone and Clonazepam. However, some patients report finding relief from these mental health conditions by using 1000mg full-spectrum CBD oil. They experience less intense symptoms and feel more relaxed. When they're more relaxed, they can better expose themselves to situations or activities that normally would have induced a panic or anxiety attack.

2. Chronic Pain

People who suffer from chronic pain also find living a normal daily routine difficult. They sometimes cannot get out of bed without taking heavy-duty pain medication first. They also cannot get through a typical day without taking several doses of their painkillers.

When they want to avoid becoming hooked on prescription painkillers, they sometimes switch to using CBD extract. This extract oil does not have the addictive qualities found in pain medications like hydrocodone or Oxycontin. Chronic pain sufferers can find relief from their pain, resume a normal life, and avoid becoming hooked on substances for which they may need rehab or detoxing to wean themselves off later.

3. Nicotine Addiction Recovery

Finally, some people use 1000mg CBD oil to wean themselves off of nicotine. Lifelong smokers in particular find it difficult to stop smoking without some form of help. They may find weaning themselves off nicotine easier by replacing their cigarettes with vaping 1000mg full-spectrum CBD oil. 

These therapeutic uses are some for which people increasingly use 1000mg full spectrum CBD extract. They can find relief from the intense symptoms of panic disorder and anxiety. They likewise experience less pain for which they otherwise would take painkillers. Some people also use 1000mg CBD extract to wean themselves off of nicotine. Ask a health care professional if CBD extract could help you.